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Dodsware Software

Existing Input Print Formats

Dodsware is a custom application software package that can be customized to meet the needs of any user. Current versions of the software have been designed to accept line print images or dot matrix spooled images and format the data to be printed on Treasury check stock in the proper format using laser MICR printers with cut-sheet check stock.

Dodsware software resides on a laptop or desktop PC and operates in a Windows environment. At the end of any given print job, the system also issues printer reports to be used for the accounting and balancing of any print job initiated.


Used in conjunction with a laser MICR printing system, Dodsware will format government check data files into the proper output format for the checks to be printed. It will provide operator menus for selecting system functions such as: beginning a print job, entering in the beginning check serial number, searching for a specific check record and printing it, or restarting the job at some point other than the beginning. The software is designed to print the MICR information assigned for any series of checks.

At the end of any given print job the program will create a detailed report for balancing purposes.

Special Features

Included with this software package is a feature that will allow the system to process pre-encoded check stock. The operator will still enter in the DSSN, Check and ICN number, but the system will not print it, since that information will already be printed on the stock being used. The end of job report will use that information for reporting purposes.

Operator can select “Pre-Encoded Stock” and system will not print serial numbers, MICR, or ICN information, in order to use remaining pre-encoded check stock.